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The body of a 3.5 essay comprises of three paragraphs. The body of your essay should:

Understanding a 3.5 outline can be a mindboggling task, without mastering effective writing skills. Importantly, 3.5 essays could be thematic, where you focus on a single issue of discussion throughout the essay. A good example of a theme could be the history of hip-hop music in the United States.

When writing an introduction to a 3.5 essay, you don’t want to be complex; your introduction and thesis statement give the reader a sense of what your argument is about. Your opening sentence should be a general statement - bonus points if it pulls in the reader. For example, if you are writing about women and wit in Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, you might start with:

Mastering the art of writing 5-paragraph essays is crucial because it is a common writing assignment in colleges and universities. An outline of a 3.5 essay will show important elements to include in your paper from the first sentence of the introduction to the last sentence of the conclusion.

The sample 3.5 essay outline shows the three main sections of an essay, including the introduction, body and the conclusion. You may access it

There are many steps you can follow when writing an essay. However, without planning and prior planning, it can be almost impossible to convince the reader with your points. If your essay lacks three specific points that address the topic of discussion, then it does not follow the 3.5 essay outline. Thus, it is important to not only do your homework but also be thorough in every step.

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Using information directing from your source shows that you have read the material and know your topic. Most English teachers require that you use quotations from the work directly. To qualify as 3.5 format, your essay needs three body paragraphs. Of the entire essay, your three body paragraphs should contain the most information.

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The first element on an essay outline is the introduction of your piece of work. When writing the introduction of a 3.5 essay, have the following at the back of your mind:

The middle of your 3.5 essay is made up of three body paragraphs; each paragraph should focus on a point mentioned in your introduction and thesis statement. Subsequently, each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence to transition readers from point to point. If your body paragraph is discussing how the character Viola displays wit, you might start with:

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Introductory writing courses frequently cite this essay. A 1999 study found that the essay was reprinted 118 times in 325 editions of 58 readers published between 1946 and 1996 that were intended for use in college-level .

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When developing a 3.5 essay outline, it is necessary to focus on having a strong body for your paper. What makes a good body is the evidence you give to the reader with detailed support sentences. Therefore, there is need to master the art of constructing good support sentences. Here is what you should have in mind at all times: