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In 1999, Anti-Flag released the album on /. The album addressed topics such as abortion, , , , troubled youth, police brutality, and unity within the American youth. The cover art page unfolded into a poster featuring the phrase "Too smart to fight. Too smart to kill. Join now. A new kind of army." In addition to this, the band had a disclaimer at the bottom of its album cover saying,"Anti-Flag does not mean Anti-American. Anti-Flag means anti-war. Anti-Flag means unity."

Anti-Flag are an American band from , United States. The band is well known for politically charged lyrics and activism, focusing on activism, , , , and various sentiments. The line-up includes singer/guitarist and drummer Pat Thetic, who founded the band; later members are guitarist Chris Head, and singer/bassist Chris Barker (#2) who replaced Jamie "Cock" Towns, who had replaced original bassist Andy Flag in 1997 following his departure one year prior. Anti-Flag is known also for their advocacy of progressive political action groups such as and . Most recently, the band has declared solidarity with the global movement.

In 2001, Anti-Flag teamed with punk music producer to record the album , released on . The release of the album is arguably the band's breakout from the hardcore underground to a more mainstream spotlight. The album continued to address the issues of (specifically neo-Nazis infiltrating the "hardcore scene") and the United States' foreign policy. The album was the first to contain the now-commonplace booklet filled with essays from historians and political commentators, most notably . In February 2002, Anti-Flag released the album on . The album featured eight new studio tracks as well as eight live tracks of songs from other albums. In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, Anti-Flag spoke out against the push for war with the album's title track "911 for peace". During this time, many music stores pulled Anti-Flag's records from shelves, as their music was labelled as "anti-American." In 2003, Anti-Flag released the album on . The album primarily focused on criticizing the Administration's handling of the . Again, the album contained a booklet full of essays from the band as well as other political commentators. The album contains a song whose lyrics were originally written by entitled "Post-War Breakout." The track's music was arranged by the members of Anti-Flag, as Guthrie had never committed the arrangements to paper.

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The Reformation was not the doing of errant theologians, however. So many like them had come to nothing before. It was instead the doing of secular politicians — Princes who embraced, or pretended to embrace, Protestant principles as their excuse for appropriating Church property in their realms. (These were the first “nationalizations.”) It was such men as Henry VIII of England, and Gustav I of Sweden, who paid off their debts and cynically bought bishops and squires with the proceeds, turning abbeys and monasteries into a landscape of grand country homes and tame parish churches. The same, writ small, in smaller realms across Germany and northern Europe. And for their deeds and excesses, Luther and Calvin cannot be blamed, who were at least earnest. Yet they and their followers came to participate in the fiendish anti-Catholic propaganda that persisted through the centuries, putting the recovery of unity farther and farther from reach, dissolving Christendom into warring camps.

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In light of this history, we should be troubled by the growth, context, and effects of even the less-than-explicit contemporary political memes. Just because Pepe the Frog was not conceived as an anti-Semitic symbol and is not exclusively used by anti-Semites, does not mean that its current incarnation can be absolved of anti-Semitic import. Pepe has now appeared often enough in an anti-Semitic role — gleefully laughing at the burning Twin Towers of the World Trade center while wearing a yarmulke, for example — to have morphed from an endearing slacker into a symbol of hate. A six-pointed star pinned to the breast of a sheriff in a Hollywood Western certainly has nothing to do with Jews. But to anyone who knows the history of anti-Jewish imagery — whether a scholar of medieval intolerance or a regular reader of the white supremacist message board from which the image was borrowed — a six-pointed star superimposed on a pile of money cannot fail to evoke centuries of anti-Jewish attacks.

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The point of any ethnic stereotype is to turn correlation into causation. A journalist who criticizes Trump doesn’t just happen to be Jewish, the memes allege, she does so because she is Jewish. This renders the content of the criticism immaterial; it shifts attention from the actions or policies under examination to the identity of the examiner. For viewers/readers who are not intensely anti-Semitic already, it may raise doubts about the “purity” of the journalist’s motives. For confirmed anti-Semites, it focuses and channels already existing anger and hatred. The effects of this process can be lethal — metaphorically, for our democracy, because it shields a candidate from necessary scrutiny. And perhaps literally, for Jews — or immigrants or Muslims or any group repeatedly subject to hateful imagery — because history has shown many times over the power of the image to provoke actual violence.

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Anti-Flag are an American punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

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On January 16, 2015, the band announced they would release their ninth studio album titled , via . The album was released on May 26, 2015. Later in 2015 Anti-Flag released a compilation album called which contains two previously unreleased songs from their recording sessions and twelve songs taken from their EP series. It was released on December 18, 2015. On August 14, 2017, in reaction to the events of the 2017 Unite the Right Rally, the band released a song titled "Racists" to the Spinefarm Records channel. On August 18, 2017 the band announced a new album titled would be released on Spinefarm Records on November 3, 2017 by premiering a song titled "American Attraction" from the upcoming album on the bands YouTube channel.