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• Lack of proper transportation services causing damaged medicine, vaccine, feed supplement, etc. Example: Cool chain is not maintained causing damage to mane of the medicine, vaccine and feed supplements. • Improper transportation methods for broiler causing stress and mortality. Example: Broiler which are transported from remote areas to Dhaka goes through extreme forms of stress causing very high levels of stress and mortality. • Improper packaging and transportation method for eggs causing wastage. Example: Eggs are transported in crates however the vehicle used causes high numbers of breakage.

• DOCs are sometimes improperly transported for long hours: High stress finally results in low growth, low egg production, or even mortality. Example: Broiler DOCs are very sensitive animals. A little change in their environments significantly affects their growth, and chances for survival. High stress during transportation of DOCs causes significantly reduced productivity for farmers. • Poor packaging of egg for end users causing damage as well as bacterial infestation: Example: Eggs are sold at retail level in paper bags which are then stored in refrigerators at consumer’s home. This process causes damaged eggs. Also, unclean eggs cause bacterial infestation when they come in contact with other food products in the refrigerator. Storage

• Availability of quality feed ingredients or substitute. Example: Adulteration or poor quality of feed which results in poor production. • Price of ingredients. Example: 70% of feed ingredients are still imported causing increased cost in freight as well as exchange rates. • Least cost feed formulation not an industry wide practice. Example: Lack of awareness in using software for formulating feed with the same nutritional worth however cheaper ingredients. . • Very small margins for feed producers: Example: Fierce competition as well as inconsistency of feed ingredient supply causes very low margins for feed producers. . • No monitoring of feed quality: Example: Diagnostic facilities are limited causing unreliable results as well as unrealistic delays in getting result. Medical services

Essay on common birds of bangladesh

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Shundrbn) is a essay on common birds of bangladesh natural region comprising southern Bangladesh and a part in the Indian state of West Bengal.

6. Management Information System: BPIA has already started work on developing a comprehensive and integrated information system for the sector. Further lessons may be collected from BGMEA especially in terms of transmission of information. Since the basic level of management of poultry sector is different from that of the garments sector, one must be careful in designing the transmission module. For example in the garments sector all firms are equipped with internet facility while it is the reverse in case of poultry. It is therefore assumed that the medium of transmission of information will be different. The likely candidates could be cell phone operators, internet providers using voice and wireless network, media etc. The MIS will contain information regarding all cost factors, pricing of various outputs, sourcing of materials, announcement on programs, etc.4. Bio-Security: Bio-security needs were found to be varying across the value chain. However, the issue of bio-security was considered critical since this is directly associated with the quality of food to be ultimately presented for human consumption. Thus bio-security should be dealt with separately. The first level of implementation has been discussed through inclusion of bio-security measures as part of the policy paper. At the institutional level, since the type of bio-security varies across the value chain, different bio-security modules will have to be developed. However, the module needs to follow a standard generic model which should be developed in unison with other stakeholders so that some sort of standardization is maintained. For example, for grand parent farms location requirement, for layer farms internal management, for egg distributors cleaning of eggs, for processors hygiene, etc will be the basis.Birds Of Bangladesh Essay. there are many other common birds which we find here and there. We do not know the name of many birds. The wood pecker is a fine.