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What are the similarities and dissimilarities between present day child marriage and the ones in the past? There is not much difference between present day child marriage and the one that took place years back. People follow the footsteps of their ancestors and blindly believe them. In the past, people were married off early as they were unaware about the fact that it is a harmful practice and causes various problems. Year after year, as the time passed, people followed the same rules without changing or checking whether it is legit or not. In some places, people got educated and they studied about it. They understood about its good and bad points and on based on that they started changing the rules. Still in various parts of the world, there exists a lot of places where people, mainly the girls, are being married at a really young age. This is happening as these places are very backwards and lack education. According to UNFPA, “ more than 100 million young girls will be married off in the next decade”. (UNFPA). How does child marriage differ in different parts of world?

One of the most essential and basic reasons because of which child marriage still exists is education. Studies have shown the important role that education plays in child marriage. Research by UNICEF shows that “the more education a girl receives, the less likely she is to be married as a child. Improving access to education and eliminating gender gaps in education are therefore important strategies for ending the practice of child marriage.” It is clear that if more and more girls will be educated, the will be more aware about the things going on around them and can have the power to stand for themselves and judge between right and wrong. (UNFPA).

This research paper has drawn attention towards a social evil of early marriage that has prevailed in the world for a very long time. The paper has revealed poverty, religious sentiments and notion of honour as the important causes for the early marriages and has discussed the negative consequences like maternal deaths, unemployment, increase in population, abandonment of wives caused by its practice. In the end, it has come up with recommendations for United Nations and government of the countries that will help them get rid of the practice of the early marriage.

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The final sum set during the marriage negotiations was the heiman fylgia, the bride's "accompaniment from home," or dowry (Foote and Wilson, p. 113). The dowry represented a girl's portion of her father's inheritance: although she did not inherit funds as her brothers did, the dowry allowed her to also share in the family's wealth (Jacobsen, , p. 37). The dowry was administered by the husband, but he kept it as a trust which could not be spent unwisely nor squandered. The dowry could not be confiscated with the husband's other goods during outlawry proceedings, nor could he use it in the repayment of debts (., pp. 42-43). The dowry was intended in part for the wife's maintenance during the marriage, but was reserved primarily as a sort of annuity which would be used to support her and her children if she became a widow. Consequently the dowry was returned to the wife in the event of a divorce (. p. 55).

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HIV/AIDS is becoming widespread, and as it reaches new populations, it poses new problems. As child marriage is fundamentally a rural phenomenon in India, the particular plight of HIV in rural areas must be discussed. Issues like how to educate and provide treatment for people in poor, rural areas are emerging, and new cultural pockets of Indian society must be understood in order to more effectively implement these programs. Though contentious, recent figures estimate that roughly 2-3. 6 million people in India are infected with HIV.

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Due to the illegality of child marriage, the number of girls who are put into child marriage in Rajasthan is extremely difficult to know. And particularly due to differing definition employed by researches, no consensus yet exists among those who have tried to obtain a number. Researchers claim that, in Rajasthan, the number of girls married off before age eighteen is somewhere between 55. 5% and 80% and other researchers estimate that roughly 56% of Rajasthani marriages occur with girls under the age of fifteen (Yadav, 2006, pl. 10; Burns, 1998).

According to Ramdani (2013), the Human Rights Watch has documented the critical and long run harm of child marriage on Yemeni girls, where they are in most cases forced to get married by their families. In some cases, girls in Yemen are forced to marriage as young as eight years old. A famous example of these extreme cases is Nujood Ali, a Yemeni girl who was married at the age of eight and divorced at the age of 10 (Sheffer, 2013, para. 2). Nujood is one of many cases of child marriage in Yemen, but unlike other cases, Nujood grabbed international attention and it even went to becoming a bestselling book. The significance of this case is that it showed the hideous reality of child marriage, and it is one of the rare cases where a child was granted divorce, breaking the tribal tradition in Yemen (Daragahi, 2008, para. 4). Nujood, who was eight years old at the time, was fundamentally manipulated into getting married (Daragahi, 2008, para. 19).
According to Daragahi (2008), Nujood did not even know she was getting married, as innocent and naive as she was, she thought her parents were taking her to have a good time at a friend’s house, when she was shocked at the end with the news of her being married and she cannot leave her new home. Furthermore, Nujood was married for a dowry of a little bit more than $750, after her husband gave his word to her father for not having sex with her before the year after she has her first period as required by law in Yemen. However, what followed was a series of sexual and physical abuses that started on the wedding night. The previous facts clearly demonstrate violations to the Declaration of Human Rights, but in Yemen, it is unfortunately more complicated. Under the Yemeni law, there is no crime of marital rape, therefore, Nujood the eight-year-old child was raped by her husband and there were no laws broken.

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that a married couple has to face is the proper upbringing of a child. This is another aspect which distinguishes us from animals. While an animal does care for its offspring with great devotion, a human parent has a greater responsibility, which is the nurturing of the mind. The Buddha has said that the greatest challenge a man faces is to tame the mind. Ever since a child is born, from infancy through adolescence to maturity, a parent is primarily responsible for the development of a child's mind. Whether a person becomes a useful citizen or not depends mainly on the extent to which its mind has been developed. In Buddhism, a good parent can practice four great virtues to sustain him or her and to overcome the great frustrations which are so closely related with parenthood.

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The outsider's impulse toward child bride rescue scenarios can be overwhelming: Snatch up the girl, punch out the nearby adults, and run. Just make it stop. Above my desk, I have taped to the wall a photograph of Rajani on her wedding night. In the picture it's dusk, six hours before the marriage ceremony, and her face is turned toward the camera, her eyes wide and untroubled, with the beginnings of a smile. I remember my own rescue fantasies roiling that night—not solely for Rajani, whom I could have slung over my own shoulder and carried away alone, but also for the 13- and the 15-year-old sisters who were being transferred like requisitioned goods, one family to another, because a group of adult males had arranged their futures for them.

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Child marriage spans continents, language, religion, caste. In India the girls will typically be attached to boys four or five years older; in Yemen, Afghanistan, and other countries with high early marriage rates, the husbands may be young men or middle-aged widowers or abductors who rape first and claim their victims as wives afterward, as is the practice in certain regions of Ethiopia. Some of these marriages are business transactions, barely adorned with additional rationale: a debt cleared in exchange for an 8-year-old bride; a family feud resolved by the delivery of a virginal 12-year-old cousin. Those, when they happen to surface publicly, make for clear and outrage-inducing news fodder from great distances away. The 2008 drama of Nujood Ali, the 10-year-old Yemeni girl who found her way alone to an urban courthouse to request a divorce from the man in his 30s her father had forced her to marry, generated worldwide headlines and more recently a book, translated into 30 languages: