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A number of students have the college essay idea of writing about loved ones who have died. Maybe they’re writing about a grandmother, grandfather, great aunt, or dog. Maybe they view their college essay as an opportunity to pay tribute to their grandmother for the many lessons she taught the college applicant throughout his or her life. And it’s a very sweet gesture. The applicant’s grandmother would likely be very happy with this essay. But, as harsh as this may be, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to pay tribute to your grandmother in your college essay.

Do you realize how many tributes to grandmothers college admissions counselors read each admissions cycle? Way too many! It’s very nice that a student wants to write nice things about his or her grandmother and share the wisdom that she gave them, but the college essay is neither the time nor the place for this. We imagine your grandmother at the end of the day would want you to gain admission to a highly selective college of your dreams. Writing about her isn’t the best way to do that.

And why’s that? In addition to the plethora of other grandmother essays, this kind of essay often sheds little light on the actual applicant. Your grandmother is not applying for admission to this highly selective college — you are. They want to know about you. They want to get to know you and what you’re all about. They want to get inside your head to understand how you think, what you like, what you don’t like, and what makes you the person you are. Sorry, grandma…this is an opportunity for a college applicant to make a statement that doesn’t come around again. So take advantage of it and don’t write about your grandmother.

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This is not to say don’t write about your grandfather (or grandmother, mother, father, or person of your choice). It is simply to say, think about writing the essay in a way that connects the individual you choose to write about back to you. What makes you a person that the college would want to have as part of their community? Can you elaborate on specific examples from your relationship with that influential person that impacted your way of thinking? Or, can you can discuss certain actions you took as a result of lessons learned from that individual? Perhaps, you can even consider relating what you learned from that influential person to something that you hope to do, or accomplish, in college or in the future.

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Don’t write about your grandmother in your college essay. She wouldn’t want you to either as she would want you to get in (photo credit: Catherine Scott).

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