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In the essay I am going to deal with cultural imperialism of Hollywood and transnationalism as well throughout the movie Rush Hour, which is is an American martial arts action comedy style movie filmed in 1998. It was directed by Brett Ratner and starring Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan and American star Chris Tucker.

The massive growth if the film industry worldwide is seen as an intimidation to the power of the American film industry, particularly, Hollywood. This essay looks at the cultural imperialism of Hollywood on the film industry all over the globe. Particular consideration has been paid to the rising Nigerian film industry-Nollywood, the Indian Bollywood industry (Rowe 2004). The two film industries have grown in fame in many parts of the world. Of particular interest is the Nigerian Nollywood, which has copied all its film structure from the American Hollywood film. The Nigerian film industry is currently valued at millions of dollars with some of their top actors receiving global attention. To the common person in the street in Africa, American films and movies set the standards for other motion pictures.

In conclusion, by analyzing Singapore’s media, pop music and tourism industries, this essay has found the congruent point of view that globalization forces do not bring in the homogenization of culture to the country but instead, they are opportunities for asserting and strengthening local culture identities. Although the strategy for the country’s development is to globalize by making Singapore an information hub of the region (Ang, 2001) and a ‘global city for the arts’ (Foley et. al, 2006), the government has been consistent in preserving the national culture through strict regulations and supportive policies for the locals even since 1960s and 1970s. Once again, taking cultural activities into consideration of political perspectives, globalization is not the case of Western cultural imperialism but instead, as demonstrated in Singapore, can engage the process of negotiated national identities.

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It has been argued that globalization brings more overwhelming and intangible impacts than that of imperialism (Ang, 2001). Tomlinson (1991) also states that globalization brings interconnection and interdependence among global areas as a result of increased business and cultural activities; and these effects would weaken the cultural unity of individual countries. Therefore, not surprisingly many people tend to believe that globalization is the case of Western cultural imperialism or in other words, cultural imperialism implies colonization in a post-colonial world (Tomlinson, 1991). However, this essay will argue that this is not true with regards to Singapore. By focusing on three of the most integrated cultural activities, media, pop music, and tourism, this essay contends that globalization does not create homogenization in Singapore but instead, maintains and even strengthens the country’s national distinctive cultural practices (Kong, 1997). Thus, in reality, globalization is the process of individual nations’ negotiated identities (Foley, McPherson, & Matheson, 2006).

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This essay firstly reviews the development of cultural imperialism theory presented by some renowned scholars from the 1960s-1990s. It then goes on to discuss the theory's applicability to the 21st century, also known as the era of globalization. In this section two categories of opinions are analyzed - one insists that culture imperialism is still prevailing in the form of cultural globalization, while the other claims that culture globalization has replaced the cultural imperialism.

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