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Without further ado, here’s the answer I wrote describing what my perfect day would look like:

Before writing this post and sharing my perfect day with you, I asked a few friends what their perfect day would look like. What I found interesting is that most of them have a slight idea, but haven't really thought of it in this way before.

I like to read a couple of news sites early in my work day. Because it's a perfect day, however, I won't go to work. Instead, I'll do a little writing, a little programming, and a little bit of miscellaneous work on whatever project I find interesting or useful that particular day. Two or three hours of solid concentration should help me make good progress.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and go for my daily run and workout, I try to visualize what my perfect day would look like, and play this beautiful scene inside my head over and over again. It's really powerful stuff, and I'm getting more clear of what I want and desire the most each time I do it.

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Now that I've hopefully helped you a bit to start thinking about what your perfect day would look like, I'm going to share my perfect day with you. As I mentioned above, I've done this exercise before a few times, and it always excites me every time I do it. It takes me one step closer to actually living my perfect day and the kind of lifestyle I want to live for the rest of my life every single day.

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As I'm waking up early in the morning at 7 a.m, I am overlooking the beautiful ocean from the terrace (let's say in San Diego or Florianapolis in Brazil). I feel energized, awake and ready to take on the world, because I know that this will be an amazing day. I get dressed quickly and walk into the kitchen in my beach condo, drink a glass of lime water before I head out for my daily morning run, and some awesome surfing. I look out of the window again, the waves are just perfect, what a fantastic day, and there's not a single person at the beach. It will be just me, my thoughts and my surfboard catching the perfect waves.

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I am going to describe how my perfect day would be and I will tell you, how the environment would smell and look, I will describe each things that I could imagine, thing that I would do, with the people that I would spend time with, the food that would eat, in others words, I will describe with details each part of my ideal day (in the morning, afternoon and night).

I go for a quick run at the beach and I feel blessed that I can do this every day if I feel like it. Then I grab my surfboard, walk towards the ocean. The waves are still perfect. Just a few clouds on the sky, but nothing will stop me today. I feel unstoppable and I know that this will be the first time I catch a really big wave. And of course I do, after some trial error I catch the perfect wave which takes me all the way in again. What a great feeling!

A little photo essay from a perfect day in Neumeyer Channel. Hard to describe in words how beautiful it was . . . enjoy!

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Just give it a go, don’t over think it too much when you try to describe your perfect day. Give it some thought, and let me know what you come up with, I can’t wait to hear more about what your perfect day would look like!

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As I planned what to write on this subject, I thought I would describe a set of circumstances and events, much like I once planned out my ideal first date. What I've written so far has surprised me. It's not the circumstances and events that make a day perfect in my eyes, except for minimum levels of physical comfort. It's my attitude toward the day.

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It's difficult to separate out the idea of sufficient accomplishments, however. The days I've found the most satisfying in recent memory are those days in which I did what I set out to do, not the days in which I relaxed the most. Something deep in my personality appreciates honest work much more than a life of ease. That likely means that my perfect day will have doing something that moves me toward the life I'd like to lead and the person I want to be.

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Ultimately, what I learned after doing this exercise is that there are simple things I could change in my life now that can help me get closer to my perfect day. There are activities that I added that I would need to heavily improve (I suck at surfing), but at least now I have a goal to work towards.