Annotation prompts for Wilfred Owen’s ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’.

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Most sonnets are about love but Wilfred Owen’s sonnet, “Anthem for Doomed Youth”, is somewhat different. It is honoring and remembering the soldiers who died. However, it is more or less criticizing those who did not think the young, lower ranking soldiers deserved a real funeral.

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Anthem for Doomed Youth Analysis by Wilfred Owen

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By using the fixed form of the sonnet, Owen gains compression and a close interweaving of symbols. The structure depends, not only on the sonnet form but also on a pattern of echoing sounds from the very first line to the last, and upon Owen’s careful organization of groups of symbols and of two contrasting themes – in the octave the mockery of doomed youth, and in the sestet the silent personal grief which is the acceptable response to immense tragedy. The symbols in the octave suggest cacophony and the visual images in the sestet suggest silence. The poem is unified throughout by a complex pattern of alliteration and assonance. Deposited its complex structure, this sonnet achieves an effect of impressive simplicity in theme.


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Throughout the poem, there is an obvious presence of negativity. Besides the actual content, there is a lot of special diction used to reinforce the negativity: first in the title ‘Anthem for Doomed youth’. The theme of negativity continues with the question used in the beginning of both the octet and the sestet, and questions give a sense of uncertainty, doubtlessness, and negativity, but also, Owen uses them to make a point. This theme is continued with negative and pessimistic words such as only, no, nor, demented, wailing, sad, mourning, not, and slow. Some of these words have been used more then once and often used closely, which strengthens the effect.

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In October 1917 Wilfred Edward Salter Owen, a British soldier fighting World War I wrote a poem titled “Anthem for Doomed Youth”. Few would challenge the claim that Owen is the greatest war poet in the English language, and the poem I intend to analyze in this essay is considered his greatest literary accomplishment. As a soldier, Owen wrote with intense personal experience, this made his poetry extremely colorful, vivid and excruciatingly true. From the age of nineteen, Owen wished to become a poet. When he turned 20 he moved from his mother in England to become a tutor in France.