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In the conclusion of the essay Russell outlines, clarifies and summarizes his primary arguments in the support of his thesis. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give many evidence that is factual, yet that is the nature of the subject, he is a philosopher and these are only theories. The position ...

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Certainly one of the greatest philosophers of the 19th century, Schopenhauer seems to have had more impact on literature (e.g. Thomas Mann) and on people in general than on academic philosophy. Perhaps that is because, first, he wrote very well, simply and intelligibly (unusual, we might say, for a German philosopher, and unusual now for philosopher), second, he was the first Western philosopher to have access to translations of philosophical material from , both Vedic and , by which he was profoundly affected, to the great interest of many (except most academic philosophers), and, third, his concerns were with the dilemmas and tragedies, in a religious or existential sense, of real life, not just with abstract philosophical problems. As said:

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It is rare for philosophers to notice these events, unless their religious or significance is of concern, or the writers have some particular political axe to grind. Even philosophers upon whom Schopenhauer did have a strong effect, like and even , nevertheless could not put him to good use since they did not accept his moral, aesthetic, and religious realism -- and either didn't notice or didn't care about the horrors emphasized by Schopenhauer (which is curious with Wittgenstein, since he was actually a soldier in World War I -- we never hear any reflections on this experience -- and who lived to learn, safe in England, of what the Germans had been doing during World War II). Schopenhauer is all but unique in intellectual history for being an atheist sympathetic to Christianity.

The basic distinction in Schopenhauer's metaphysics is between representation and the thing-in-itself. The thing-in-itself turns out to be will. The will is introduced in Book II of , where its manifestations in nature are also examined. That supplies, in effect, Schopenhauer's philosophy of science, which has its embarrassing aspects: Schopenhauer did not understand the new physics of light and electricity that had been developed by Thomas Young (1773-1829) and Michael Faraday (1791-1867). He disparaged the wave theory of light, which Young had definitively established, as a "crude materialism," and "mechanical, Democritean, ponderous, and truly clumsy" [Dover, p. 123]. Unfortunately, Schopenhauer does not seem to have understood the evidence for Young's discoveries about light, or even for Newton's -- he still clung to Goethe's clever but clueless theory of colors. Schopenhauer also required that there be a "vital force," though that would still be part of respectable science for a while to come yet. Nevertheless, Schopenhauer would have been happy to learn how his beloved would return in force with quantum mechanics: Things like strangeness, charm, baryon number, lepton number, etc., are exactly the kinds of irreducible types he demanded.

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A third reason is historical. Most philosophersthroughout the history of ideas, east and west, have addressedreligious topics. One cannot undertake a credible history ofphilosophy without taking philosophy of religion seriously.

Before writing the body of the philosophy paper, the student should be providing an impression of his/her own interpretation of the philosopher's words. A summary is not

Philosophy of religion addresses embedded social and personalpractices. Philosophy of religion is therefore relevant to practicalconcerns; its subject matter is not all abstract theory. Giventhe vast percentage of the world population that is either aligned withreligion or affected by religion, philosophy of religion has a securerole in addressing people's actual values and commitments. A chief pointof reference in much philosophy of religion is the shape and content ofliving traditions. In this way, philosophy of religion may be informedby the other disciplines that study religious life.

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The question of God's existence has been debated through the history of man, with every philosopher from Socrates to Immanuel Kant weighing in on the debate. So great has this topic become that numerous proofs have been invented and utilized to prove or disprove God's existence. Yet no answer still has been reached, leaving me to wonder if any answer at all is possible. So I will try in this paper to see if it