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By reading the essays from the list above you’ll become a better writer, a better reader, but also a better person. Essay is a special form of writing. Very often it is deeply personal and you won’t be able to find beautiful thoughts it contains in any other literary form. I hope you enjoy the read and that it will inspire you to do your own writing.

The mission to improve my writing skills took me further than just going through the essays. I’ve came across some great books on writing too. I highly recommend you read them in their entirety. They’re written really beautifully and contain lots of useful knowledge. Below you’ll find random (but useful) notes that I took from The Sense of Style and On Writing.

Every father should be able to articulate his philosophy of life to his children. With this letter, the famed atheist and defender of reason, Richard Dawkins, does exactly that. It’s beautifully written and stresses the importance of looking at evidence when we’re trying to make sense of the world.

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My grandmother's vanity table was an altar to beauty. I worshiped, as a child, the swansdown powder puffs, gold-cased eyeshadow pans, and crystal perfume vials. The sweet, waxy aroma of her red lipsticks intoxicated me as much as her eau de toilette. Grandma's instruments of femininity were all the more wondrous because my mother had none. An artist, she believed in a more bohemian, minimal elegance. Instead of a laden vanity, she had a cabinet drawer, where she stashed exactly one cinnamon-toned lipstick, a solitary eyeliner wand and a single, essentially untouched compact.

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This suicidally beautiful essay will teach you a lot about the appreciation of life. It’s a collection of personal, apparently unrelated thoughts that show us the rich interior of the author. You look at the real-time thoughts of another person, and then start to recognize the same patterns within yourself… It sounds like a confession of a person who’s about to take their life, and it’s striking in its originality.

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"It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness" [Leo Tolstoy ]

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In the current society, it is convenient to amend anything that seems physically unattractive, for example, surgery and makeup. There exist limitations on the number of physical flaws that can be covered. However, true beauty is something intrinsic that must be natured. Individuals’ perception of values and morals as well as personality and character determines true inner beauty. Therefore, it is the shaping of one’s eccentric features that molds inner beauty rendering a person beautiful irrespective of physical appearance. However, people ought to understand that the inner beauty must be necessarily complemented with being presentable, looking presentable as well as dressing up properly. Having inner splendor is not a justification to scrimp on outfits as well as, for example, the necessary accessories, hairstyle, and make-up. This is because impressions count; no one will bother to let you know that you are beautiful if you do not make a good impression first. Looking presentable as well as creating a good impression is a noble start although inner beauty is what makes that good impression last (Panek 42).

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As Gibran Kahlil stated, beauty is not found in the face but in the heart. It does not matter how externally beautiful a person is. If the individual has a terrible personality and seemingly has many friends, they are likely to benefit from that person getting provisions they cannot afford or that person is very wealthy. In the case when such an individual ceases providing for his/her friends, they do not want to maintain this friendship any more. Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, ugliness is also a personal perception. Nevertheless, both outer beauty and ugliness are skin deep. The most important factor is the inner beauty which determines whom the person is, how he handles issues, and what friends he has (Kahlil 19).

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