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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, one of the 'hottest' or most desirable to enter of all professions today because of the increasing cost of health care, because of the managed health care system's extraction of doctor's time and personal resources, and the aging of the American population as a whole. More individuals will need personal care, advice on taking prescriptions and managing health and illness, and greater attention than physicians can provide. But despite this supposed national health care trend, the definition of nursing remains the same. It is not a definition that every personality can accommodate. To be a nurse, one must put an individual and human face upon medicine for the individual patient, tailoring the doctor's instructions and requests for the individual in a flexible fashion that is still perfectly consistent with an accurate and high standard of care. It……

My personal philosophy for nursing revolves around making my profession a fulfilling experience for both myself and the patient through provision of quality nursing care and knowledge improvement. Making nursing a fulfilling experience to me involves the continuous search for knowledge in the practice of nursing in order to improve my profession and benefit my patients. In the practice of nursing, I believe that the patient is the main centre of attention. This understanding is based on the fact that without the patient, inclusive of all the extraneous variables, there is no fulcrum for the practice of nursing; that is nurse-patient relationship (Kozier, 2008). The goal of nursing is therefore the optimization of the patient’s health through the whole health continuum.

nursing philosophy influenced "Management Care Professional Issues" [capstone nursing] (2) How I live nursing philosophy I enter workforce? Each question answered 2-3 sentences.

My philosophy of nursing: Putting it into practice

When reflecting upon how my philosophy of nursing has been influenced by this Capstone course, my immediate response is that it is the first time that I really have had the opportunity to construct a true philosophy of nursing. Before, I tended to react to events without putting them in a larger context, and approached medical issues in a largely technical manner. Now, I am more inclined to think about how my decisions will interact with a patient's social, psychological, and environmental conditions. My philosophy of nursing is contingent upon the idea that the nurse must treat the whole patient in a spirit of caritas, and take into consideration the 'big picture.' A patient's personal definitions of health and……

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Letter of Introduction

As an advance practice nurse, I intend to apply my education and professional experience to improving patient outcomes. A holistic nursing philosophy and commitment to caring are the crucial components of my professional character. I also recognize the importance of nurse education and leadership in providing the organizational culture that promotes healing, supports nurses, and advocates for the well being of all patients. My personal nursing philosophy also recognizes the value of diversity.

I believe that health and wellness have personal and cultural dimensions and that it is important for all nurse practitioners to acknowledge the diversity of their patients and resist assuming that all patients have the same emotional and spiritual needs. Advance practice nurses have an ethical obligation to learning about their patients' backgrounds, as well as learning their specific responses to pain and illness. Nursing is a career of lifelong learning, too meaning……

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However, from the anti-realist point-of-view, such manifestations are not enough for an individual to consider the patient alive. One can posit that the absence of the patient's ability to communicate or interact is a manifestation of death, or the state of not being alive. That is, despite the biological signs of life shown in the apparatuses, anti-realists view the patient as dead because s/he is no longer able to perform one function that humans are distinctly known to be able to accomplish excellently: the ability to communicate and/or interact with others.

The phenomenologists, meanwhile, "centered their attention on the lived experience of those persons being smiled at and touched. Since human consciousness is the only object which may be studied, it was the essential experience of patients that mattered" (130). In this philosophy of nursing, experiential relations between the nurse and the patient is considered the most important learning that……

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Professional Nursing Philosophy;The Call to Nursing Michelle Stuart, RN The University of Texas at Arlington In partial fulfillment of the requirements of N3645 Transition to Professional Nursing Mary Wise, RN, MSN November 18, 2012 Online RN-BSN Introduction After seventeen years in the nursing profession I realize each day is a learning experience. As my experiences evolve so do some of my beliefs and values.

nursing profession has debated the relevance of nursing models to nursing practice and it is clear that most nurses, particularly practicing nurses, continue to judge them to be not relevant" (Meehan, 2012, p. 2906). I disagree and believe firmly in implementation of sound nursing models in nursing practice. My philosophy nursing centers around holistic care and knowledge of care to drive practice. This means that in order to heal and assist patients and clients, one must be willing approach a situation from a multi-level perspective. Nutrition, activity level, supplementation, and stress management are just some of the levels one as a nurse should discuss and monitor in patients. "Traditionally, nurses have sought to care for the whole person and as formal nursing knowledge was developed, this intention was conceptualized as holistic nursing" (Meehan, 2012, p. 992). Furthermore, keeping up-to-date with research and innovative practices will keep me informed on what……

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Instructions: This essay is for when I apply to nursing school. I am going for a bachelors in nursing. The only criteria for the essay is that it must be two pages long. The essay is supposed to describe my philosophy of nursing. I would like you to include a few things when describing my "philosophy." I would like you to mention that I volunteered in a hospital and that was the deciding factor on becoming a nurse, that I like to help people, and that I enjoy being around people.
You can expand on anything and please add any details you want. Remember the entire essay is on my philosophy of nursing.

I have a very unique outlook on health. I think of "health" as being the simple absence of disease in the body. The health of the person includes the harmony and the balance between the mind, body, and soul of a person. Thus, I believe that all patients should be told good and nice things about their health and this would enable them to feel good about themselves and feel better and cured. For example, a person would feel more healthy if he/she believes him/herself to be healthy. If the person is told by the other person, say a doctor or a nurse, that he/she is unhealthy, than the person might begin to feel unhealthy as well. It is only if the patient thinks that he/she is healthy can he/she really become healthy. I believe that the ability of experiencing one's real self would pave the way for the person to find the balance and harmony within the mind, body, and spirit/soul, and this would facilitate a higher amount of health present in the person. This is my philosophy, and one that I hope to practice when I am a professional nurse.