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Another way in which Eastwood demonstrates the artificial community within the military is through the depiction of life after war. For example, one would expect those who share a bond in a close community to keep in touch and look out for one another long after their shared experience. However, the soldiers in Flags of our Fathers do just the opposite. For example, decades after WWII, Ira is walking down a road in Texas, and one of the men in his regiment drives by him. Rather than stop for a second and help out his former partner, he just glances and keeps driving. Also, when the soldiers are at Soldier Field reenacting the raising of the flag, the crowd cheers wildly, however the soldiers are flooded by posttraumatic stress and just want to get out of there: they want nothing to do with it (Vaux 152). Eastwood shows that the experience of war is not something that those involved want to preserve, but rather forget it all.

In Flags of our Fathers, Eastwood successfully captures the individual soldier’s relationship to his military community. Unlike most outsiders believe this experience and bond is quite artificial. Soldiers quickly learn that they are simply pawns of their commanders and that “killing is what we’re here for” (Vaux 152). The horrors and atrocities of war are often hid behind a false sense of patriotism, however Eastwood addresses military life honestly and fearlessly in Flags of our Fathers.

Flags of Our Fathers
By: James Bradley

For the last couple of weeks I had been trying to find a good World War II book to read for my last book report. I’ve wanted to learn about WWII for a while since my grandfather served in the Air Force and flew many missions over Europe. I decided to read Flags of Our Fathers because I figured that the book must have been pretty good considering there was a movie made about it.
To be honest I thought that this book was going to be a lot different than I found it to be. I was actually a little disappointed by it. While reading, I found that this book is not a book that centered on the actual war or what happened Iwo Jima. It is a book about the six men that held up the replacement flag at the top of Mount Suribachi during the battle at Iwo Jima. The writer’s father was one of these men, and James Bradley (the author) tries to explain what life was like for the six men before during and after the war and how the war and the flag raising affected them and their families.
I found a couple of things very interesting in the book by Bradley. The first thing
was the way that the war affected everyone. One of the things that Bradley said that stuck with me the most was the way that soldiers sacrificed themselves to save their friends and fellow soldiers. The one example that I think I will always remember is when Jack Lucas threw himself on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers. James Bradley wrote:

Jack and three comrades were crawling through a trench when eight Japanese sprang in front of them. Jack shot one of them through the head. Then his riffle jammed. As he struggled with it a grenade landed at his feet. He yelled a warning to the others and rammed the grenade into the soft ash. Immediately, another rolled in. Jack Lucas, seventeen, fell on both grenades. “Luke, your gonna die,” he remembered thinking…When I asked him, fifty-three years after the event, “Mr. Lucas why did you jump...

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To his family, John Bradley never spoke of the photograph or the war. But after his death at age seventy, his family discovered closed boxes of letters and photos. In Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley draws on those documents to retrace the lives of his father and the men of his Company. Following these men's paths to Iwo Jima, James Bradley has written a classic story of the heroic battle for the Pacific's most crucial island--an island riddled with Japanese tunnels and 22,000 fanatic defenders who would fight to the last man.

Flags of Our Fathers By James Bradley For the last couple of weeks I had been trying to find a good World War II book to read for my last book report. I

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Flags of Our Fathers. The book, Flags of Our Fathers, was written by James Bradley the son of Jack Bradley one of the people who the book is written about.

Their PR man is Keyes Beech (), who from the later 1940s through Vietnam would be the Pacific correspondent for the famed Chicago Daily News Foreign Service. Eastwood depicts him as focused on fantasy over substance and indifferent to news that there was an earlier flag-raising, but in fact he is doing his job, which is to hold the three together, present an appropriate image and help the war effort by raising money. The film told me something I did not know: Domestic enthusiasm for the war was becoming exhausted, funds were drying up, the government had run out of lenders. “Flags of Our Fathers” argues, not without reason, that the Rosenthal photograph electrified public opinion, and the money those men raised turned the financial tide.

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I was really looking forward to this movie and was severely disappointed in it. There is absolutely no story in Flags of our Fathers. If you've seen the previews, then you've seen the movie, because not much else happens. Some guys raise a flag, picture becomes famous, they go home to help raise money...that's it. The rest of the movie is just waiting for the credits to come up. The characters have no journey no conflict, they are just basically existing...which isn't very interesting. You can argue that the conflict was that they were just kids and were uneasy with being labeled heroes, but after you get that message there's not much else this movie has to say. It just repeats that message over and over and over again. Other movies have taken the same theme and done a much much better job. There is no culmination of events, there's no resolution, it's just a giant waste of time. The battle scenes were Saving Private Ryan wannabe's and seemed to just be thrown together with very little thought and in no discernible order. Every time a battle scene/flashback occurred you were basically just waiting to see which one of the faceless, nameless, GIs was going to be killed next. The editing was atrocious cutting from current times to bond drive to battle to post battle to pre battle and back to bond drive for no purpose other than to try and make a movie that has no story, seem to have a story. I cared nothing for the characters, they were just empty shells with nothing to say or do but look scared and get blown to bits. And then the ending third of the movie seemed like an after thought and totally useless, like the filmmakers suddenly realized they haven't bored us enough and needed some more useless, unimaginative, uninteresting, drab filler. The racism inflicted upon the Native American character was heavy handed and unconvincing. It made you roll your eyes in astonishment at the cheesiness of it, rather than feeling any emotion towards the character.

Very very disappointing. I'm amazed that it is getting such kind reviews. Windtalkers was better than this movie, and Windtalkers was terrible!