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The post-emancipation education system in Jamaica emphasized skills that would help prepare children for eventual employment as estate workers. The primary grades of this schooling focused heavily on the proverbial three “R’s”—reading, writing and arithmetic—with some added education in religious training and some occasional lessons in geography and history. In addition to these lessons, boys were given training in agriculture and other manual arts, and girls received lessons in sewing and domestic science. These separate educational tracks for boys and girls were formalized in the Lumb Report of 1898. The report emphasized the necessity for agricultural training in order to counteract trends seen as threatening to the colonial economy and society: students were developing an aversion for manual labor and were moving from the countryside to the cities and towns to take up clerkships and other similar occupations.

History provides little documentation regarding the education of girls in the colony of Jamaica prior to 1770, when Wolmer's Free School initiated a modified curriculum for girls. This curriculum was designed to prepare young girls for the rigors of running a home or for employment as seamstresses and mantuamakers. A small minority of educated girls were also able to secure teaching positions on the island.

Although the school system in Jamaica continued to expand in the early years of the twentieth century, education continued to be guided by the 19 century colonial practice of educating children to fit their station in life. As the relative number of British people in Jamaica began to decline, it became essential to move native Jamaicans into certain intermediate occupations, and this resulted in significant growth in the secondary school system and the creation of government scholarships for university study abroad programs.

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My first suspect was Teflon of Zinc Fence Records. He had a ziplock bag of green that screamed at me. It was a blessed draw, and the springboard I needed to set me wandering further. I pounced upon my musician Idrin Jah Cure. He always has great ganja somewhere. I sampled a few grams grown by Archie, one of the most revered Jamaican growers. I was soaring.

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This is what we know so far: The first set of ganja licenses in Jamaica will be in the area of Cultivation, Research and Development. Currently, only the University of West Indies, University of Technology and Bureau of Standards have received licenses. A few more inspections of farms and facilities will be executed closer to the end of December or into the new year. Provided that these farms are operating at regulatory standards, they will receive the green gold ticket to join the elite three. The public will have to wait for the pre-licensing process and regulations, starting around March of 2016.

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Jamaicans must understand that the marijuana industry is a strict and regulated industry. Consequently, the cabinet appointed the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) to protect the interest of all persons involved. The CLA representative’s late arrival to the panel seemed to parallel the way they have been issuing information to the public. However, it may be quite the contrary: The CLA claims that they have surpassed the usual pace, if we should use the international process as a comparison. Patience, it seems, is a needed virtue, as proper rules and regulations are created. He alluded to the prospering ackee industry, explaining that the CLA will not rush into the global marketplace without clear guidelines. This eradicates any possibility of backlash in the eyes of other countries.

Another panel member, Dr. Cliff Riley, Executive Director of Jamaica’s Science Research Council, offered a counter argument. Dr. Riley spoke of a few unhealthy traditional practices that are harmful to consumers. For example, the direct use of fertilisers such as fowl manure on plants, which can leave bacteria on ganja buds. The effect may be minimal when smoked but it can be very severe in edibles. (People are eating that shit for godsake!). He also clarified rumours about the Bureau of Standards’ recent import of 100 seeds. According to the doctor, the purpose of that purchase is to learn the ropes before the industry gates are truly opened. He also stressed the importance of legal registration of business, with proof of land. A representative from JAMPRO, Jamaica’s trade and investment promotion agency, urged “the small man” to make contact for professional assistance. The black market of ganja can be revamped into a proud and successful market space in Jamaica.

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was the music of Jamaica's by the mid-1960s, when and dominated the charts. 's "007" brought international attention to the new genre. The mix put heavy emphasis on the bass line, as opposed to ska's strong horn section, and the began playing on the upbeat. Session musicians like , , and (of the Skatalites) became popular during this period.

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Kodjoe “Benjie” Asamoah, president of the Ghana Association in Jamaica, certainly agrees. He is the owner of a gourmet vegetarian catering business which everyone says makes the island’s best vegetable yatties, ital peanut sip, and fried sprat. When not running this, he can be found at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, studying tourism management.

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Another and quite different source of crucial support for Jamaica is being provided by Venezuela. Venezuela provides about one-third of Jamaica’s total oil consumption at a discounted price under the Petrocaribe initiative. In addition, since 2005 Jamaica has received USS2.4 billion in the form of long term loans based on its oil purchases. Funds have been invested in improving the country’s physical infrastructure, investing in renewable energy resources, and supporting the operation of several public bodies. Further, and very importantly, resources have been allocated for the refinancing of Jamaica’s domestic public sector debt. In addition, Jamaica has reportedly accessed Petrocaribe funds for recurrent expenses not limited to debt servicing. So the Jamaican economy is being supported in a variety of ways and the IMF predicts that it will grow by 0.4% in 2013 and 1.2% in 2014.

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The number of Ghanaians living in Jamaica, at only around 1,000, is small compared to its 5,000 or so Nigerians. Hundreds of Ghanaians live in the countryside, where they work as nurses and doctors on a technical cooperation agreement Jamaica signed with Ghana several years ago. Still, once every few months, Benjie and the other members of the Ghana Association in Jamaica meet at Kingston’s Redbones Blues Café to talk about Accra and Kumasi and, Benjie says, to talk about how they can encourage greater closeness between Ghana and Jamaica.