The Game is a book written by former ice hockey goaltender Ken Dryden

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OK, so hockey legend Ken Dryden’s recent editorial, , technically wasn’t about business ethics, but about the ethics of that business known as “hockey.” But you could essentially take the entire essay, substitute suitable examples from the history of business ethics, and the fundamental lessons would be the same.

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Guy lafleur by ken dryden essay
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And so it began, with Ken Dryden in nets after Tony Esposito had performed well two nights prior in Canada’s 4-3 win. It was a game of wonderful and breathtaking hockey, with weirdness thrown in, including J.P. Parise blowing a fuse when he was assessed an interference call in which Kompalla waved it off and then Batja called it anyway. Parise complained, was given a ten-minute misconduct, and in a fit of rage skated to Kompalla with his stick raised, as if to chop the poor bugger’s head off. Needless to say, Parise took an early shower.

SIMMONS: Ken Dryden hopes new book on Montador, concussions can be game changer

Ken Dryden didn't want to write another article or essay on concussions, knowing it would merely generate more awareness on an issue that has become prevalent in professional sports. Why overstate the obvious? Herb Zurkowsky, Montreal Gazette

It’s Time to Think about Visors” by Ken Dryden Essay Sample

A copy of the essay former Montreal Canadiens great Ken Dryden penned for TSN's Hockey Hall of Fame Induction show, which coincided with Remembrance Day this year:

Ken Dryden discusses his update to The Game . | Sports …

In Flanders Fields has been a huge part of the Canadiens dressing room for 62 years. In an essay for a book to be published next year, on the 100th anniversary of the writing of the World War I poem, former goalie Ken Dryden will examine how the passage first appeared on the walls of the Habs room

Former NHL goalie Ken Dryden has written a new book, Game Changer, that he hopes will help make hockey safer. (Julie Oliver/Postmedia file). Share Adjust Comment Print. Ken Dryden was driving when he heard the news on the radio: Steve Montador had ...and more »

Ken Dryden: Hockey's concussion discussion is about more than just the game, it's personal

Guy lafleur by ken dryden essay

Most notably, the 30th anniversary of the greatest hockey book ever written -- one of the best sports books ever written -- is celebrated with a new, updated edition. The Game, by Ken Dryden, has never gone out of print for good reason. It connects the reader with professional hockey players as few books have ever done by revealing that which is universally human in them, showing their strengths alongside their vulnerabilities and placing them within the context of a superior but sputtering team striving in a common effort to maximize their potential.

12/20/2013 · Ken Dryden's book The Game, originally published in 1983, is regarded as a masterpiece in the sports book genre

The Game is not necessarily about this topic. It mainly focuses on the career of Ken Dryden. Although, he gives deep insight to players who he played with. He mentions characteristics of his teammates, but what makes things unique is that he makes us share similarities with the Canadians, and makes us feel that their normal people too rather than celebrities.

Persuasive It's Time to Think About Visors (essay by Ken Dryden) Ken Dryden Students can visit the Leafs' official site for a biography of Dryden

No words.

They have always had a lot in common, hockey players and soldiers. Young men, their look of health and hope. Now young women too. Living full out – nothing held back. Doing what many fantasize about. Doing what most can’t even imagine. Ken Dryden explains in this essay. Lest we forget.


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As for ken Dryden, he began the essay with a small story about Guy Lafleur then moved on to stating his thesis and supporting arguments.

In "The Game", Ken Dryden discusses how professional athletes gain instant celebrity status, and the expectations that are presented as a result. Dryden tells of his experience of becoming instantly famous and of the pressure to play a specific role in the celebrity world. Dryden's thesis is best described in the quote "It's a game- an ad game, an image game, a celebrity game..." (Dryden 136). Dryden's essay attempts to reveal the superficial world that is created around professional athletes.