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But why does the research point in this direction if it isn’t true? My best guess is that the belief that anyone should only have so much, or needs so much or wants so much is the very foundation for socialism. It makes it ok to tax the rich beyond reason because you aren’t doing them any real harm if they are just as happy before the tax as after the tax. My next best guess is the university environment is so politically charged that trying to suggest anything other than what is deemed appropriate and acceptable is career suicide for professors who disagree.

Rajang is the only son and child of his parents. They are reasonably rich and spare no pains or expenses to keep Rajang happy. Yet Rajang is never proud. His habits are simple but dignified. He is healthy and handsome. He is very good conversations and also a skilled story­teller. It is fascinating to hear him tell a story. I have never seen him arguing or quarrelling with anybody. Sometimes I wonder at his many qualities of head and heart. Occasionally, we also play chess, but we are still beginners. My father has introduced us to this intellectual and wonderful game.

Let us look at some of the world's richest people. Barbara Hutton, the Woolworth's heiress, for example, was divorced several times and lived a most unhappy life. There are many other rich people, whose misery is much greater than that of those living with only enough money for the barest necessities of life.

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That idea is not only rich are happy essays exactly novel. May 2004 (This essay was originally published in Hackers & Painters. The Investment Masters recognise the need to be well rested which means correctly structuring a portfolio and not taking on too much risk… "Lack of sleep causes

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