People study in college or university for many different reasons

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An essayist writes a if speaking to a single reader, writing about both themselves, and about particular subjects. notes that "the genre's heyday was the early nineteenth century," and that its greatest exponent was . She also suggests that while critical essays have more brain than the heart, and personal essays have more heart than brain, familiar essays have equal measures of both.

Essays on Technology, Interaction and Cognition Can computer networks bring people together in global knowledge. These studies strive to be essays in the. Does the Internet bring people closer together? 60% Say Yes. and also the fact that this technology is the reason why family has only 8 hours together. Technology Brings People Together. What Technology Brings To Us Essay - What Technology Brings To Us I have selected television as my technology subject. Similar Essays. Bringing People Together; Technology Ultimately. Internet Brings People Together Dilek Kahveci B¨¸ra. by bringing people together to.

Essays on Technology, Interaction and Cognition Can computer networks bring people together in global knowledge. These studies strive to be essays in the. Essays on Technology, Interaction and Cognition Can computer networks bring people together in global knowledge. These studies strive to be essays in the. Is communication technology bringing families closer together? Is communication technology bringing families closer together?. communication technology is.

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Sometimes I wish I were like everyone else…but not really. Because I believe people should be respected for being different. Because we’re all different in our own ways. Josh Yuchasz was fourteen years old and a high school freshman when he wrote this essay. He played in his school’s concert band and on its football team. In addition to Godzilla, Yuchasz likes other reptiles including Bubba, his pet red-tailed boa constrictor.

TOEFL Essay #001: Why do people attend college or university?

In some countries, minority languages are disappearing. Some people say that governments should save languages. Others disagree.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Many minority languages which are spoken by small populations are on the verge of disappearance. Some people believe that the governments should pour the public budget into protecting their local languages, while the detractors tend to consider that it is unworthy. This essay will analyze each side of this controversial issue.

One of the main arguments for language-saving is that language is an invaluable part of culture. Definitely, speaking help people not only with communicating but also comprehending in order to enhance their community relations. In the term of humanity science and literature, writing is the most common and useful aiming at transmitting the knowledge and wisdom. That why, as a result, the present and following generations are able to access the substantial sources of documentaries in various types such as books, hand-writing papers, novels and researches... Another reason for saving minor population spoken languages is that they are the distinctive and characteristic features of every culture therefore they play an indispensable role in attracting tourists. Consequently, not only local authorities but also their citizen incomes are possibly enlarged considerably.

On the contrary, the opponents of spending state pensions on ethnic language protection claimed that it is unnecessary. Many people claim that governments ought to make every attempt to deal with the national issues for example economic recession, environment pollution or poverty... In addition, they believed that the globalization process will be more effective and beneficial with several superior common languages namely: English, French, Spanish and even Chinese and Japanese.

Taking everything into consideration, both sides of this debating have convincing arguments, however, in my point of view, although minority languages are spoken by the small number of local people, it is crucial and perennial profitable to preserve them from extinction. The responsibilities belong to not only the administrations but also the public and communities to save the language's lives.

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TOEFL Essay #001: Why do people attend college or university

Cultures around the world today are more similar than they used to be.

What are the reasons?

Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

In today’s society, people find that culture in everywhere becomes standardisation. There are several reasons that cause this happen, and there are both advantages and disadvantages in relation to this trend.

Media is thought to be the main reason that affects culture. Nowadays, most Asian countries can easily access to western culture through media platforms. For example, people are more likely to enjoy watching Hollywood movies rather than movies produced from their own countries. Additionally, tourism and migration are another factor that can have impacts on people’s beliefs. Those who have studied or traveled around the world could adapt to different lifestyle from other countries. For instance, people become independent in many ways including living alone and not relying on their families, because they have used to the western lifestyle when they went abroad.

However, it may cause people’s concern that exposure to western culture from media could hinder the use of language of a country. If audiences are constantly watching foreign movies, especially with the language of English, their native language may be abandoned as they speak and read in English predominately. Nevertheless, I believe that it is a positive trend that people could adapt to the other’s culture. For example, Asian food such as sushi is widely accepted in many western countries, and they are not only love the food but also enjoying using chop sticks. Therefore, food becomes a bridge that is connected between western and eastern, allowing people to have fun by sharing the other’s culture.

In conclusion, various reasons can cause culture become more similar, and I believe that the benefit of this development outweigh its drawback.

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Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the world.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

As a result of globalization, goods have been spread all over the world, make the markets in different regions are all the same. People are deeply divided over the decision whether this consequence is beneficial or not. In my opinion, this is a tremendously extraordinary development for the people around the globe.

Firstly, for individual families, there are no longer ingredients or materials that are out of reach. Plenty of type of goods or food can only be produced in specifically places due to the climate, soil condition and many other aspects. For instance, it is well known that pistachio nuts are being exported from minority of number of countries, or Maple Syrup is made only in Canada. It is a substantial achievement of the global trading system that ratify people to enjoy foreign products without travelling thousands of miles to the original countries.

Secondly, with the achievement, there are multifarious choices of one product around the world on the shelves for people to decide. A kind of product from different regions can give different experiences to the users. Coffee beans are an excellent example for this statement. While coffee beans in Italy are pure bitter, coffee grown in South East Asia countries usually have an additional sour flavor beside the bitter taste. The difference of the ingredients has lead to manifold version of the production. Western coffee is light, creamy and sweet, whilst famous Vietnamese coffee is dense, strong.

Last but not least, for a larger scale ­- national scale, it requires remarkable effort to maintain the supply to fit the demand. The onus is on the scientists to develop advanced technology to elevate the productivity and hasten the goods transportation. The benefits of those technology will soon be applied to normal life. It is promulgated that the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century in Britain was initiated by the demand to transport goods more efficient in quantity and time delivery. It has formed the foundation for the astronomically escalation of civil technology in our modern world.

In recapitulation, I advocate of aforementioned statement. The products worldwide have been delivered to our nearby stores within our line of sight, offers us heterogeneous goods as well as experiences. Furthermore, it is a base for the advanced technology repercussion in the future.

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We're All Different in Our Own Ways - one essay at a time

We often hear that it is important for young people to be able to express themselves by what they wear. At our college, our lack of clothing guidelines has led some students to dress in a way that compromises both safety and our reputation in the community. Items of concern include ripped clothing, hoods that obscure the face, offensive T-shirts and very high platform heels. In this essay, I will discuss two advantages of introducing a dress code at our college.