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In 1972, the young philosopher Peter Singer published "Famine, Affluence and Peter Singer Famine Affluence And Morality Essay Peter Singer Famine Affluence And Morality Essay Morality," which rapidly became one Peter Singer Famine Affluence And Morality Essay of the most widely discussed essays in

"Famine, Affluence, and Morality" is an essay written by Peter Singer in 1971 and published in Philosophy and Public Affairs in 1972. It argues that affluent

9 Sep 2004 Famine, Affluence, and Morality. Peter Singer. Philosophy and Public Affairs, Peter Singer Famine Affluence And Morality Essay Vol. 1, No. 3 (Spring, Peter Singer Famine Affluence And Morality Essay 1972), 229-243. Stable URL:.

Nicely put. Peter is far more on the side of addressing the cause. Stella wishes everyone else to cover the treatment.

of course you can judge him. You can complete refute his premise, you can call him names, you can counter his arguments, you could start a 'Peter Singer is wrong' campaign, you could try and get people to boycott his books, and talks, you can do lots of things.

Unless you want to do more jail him, or worse, there are many ways to judge him.

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Thank you for your article Stella, as usual it's an excellent piece. My understanding is that ethicists in medical research when referring to the ethics of animal testing suggest that human beings possess the psychological capacities required to care about their future and are therefore superior animals. You could presume a baby cares about it's future, it cries for warmth, it's mother and food. Therefore it is not about choice but about the ability to perceive and fight for a future. A baby, disabled or not who makes it to birth has a right to a future. If the parents cannot care for that baby then they need to pass the baby on to people who can. Society then needs to ethically supply supports for this child and modify it's structures to accommodate. That is a civilised species. That is an ethical species. Considerations like the financial 'burden' of disabled children cease to exist when a healthy society supports all members of their community. Stella is a great example of one of Australia's finest womyn, disabled or not, the fact that she openly shares this personal perspective is something that should humble people without this speaking position, philosopher or not. So shut Peter Singer and talk about something you understand.
Carmen xx

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Peter Singer is not brilliant, brave, nor particularly truthful when talking about infanticide or euthanasia.

For one thing - he can be sloppy, finding out just enough about a topic without digging deeper. As an example, in his famous book "Rethinking Life and Death" he wrote a lot about the late (but not missed) Jack Kevorkian, America's 'serial mercy killer.' It was clear from his writing he'd done little research on the man, knowing nothing of his advocacy to gain access to death row prisoners to use in lethal experiments, etc.

Shortly after Singer made it to the US, I was on a radio show with him. He referred to Kevorkian as having 'helped" terminally ill people. I then informed him that roughly two-thirds of Kevorkian's body count consisted of people with nonterminal disabilities and chronic conditions. He reply was that, well, maybe *some* of Kevorkian's 'patients' weren't terminal - I cut him off and restated that it was 'over half of them.' (there are studies that bear this out) His response then was to start to say 'well, I'm sure that Kevorkian evaluated them carefully' - at that point I cut him off, saying it was ludicrous for a man who didn't know the health status of the people who died at Kevorkian's hands would think he could hazard a guess as to how careful Kevorkian was.

The radio exchange ended shortly after that. He only seems 'brilliant' to people who are ignorant about disability and quality of life - he depends on that ignorance for support. And it means he doesn't have to work very hard.

It's an unfortunate sign of the level of ignorance and nastiness in public debate that hardly any of those that criticise Peter Singer have actually read what he has written, and that TEN of the posts make juvenile and irrelevant Nazi slurs.

There are perfectly valid grounds on which reasonable people argue against some of Singer's views. But I see precious little of that here.

The best posts were those that reported both their difficulties and great rewards from raising disabled children. It was telling that those were the ones least likely to hurl nasty epithets and accusations. They were touching indeed.

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Famine, Affluence and Morality, by Peter Singer . Expert observers and supervisors, sent out by famine relief organizations or permanently stationed in famine-prone .. J. O. Urmson, "Saints and Heroes," in Essays in Moral Philosophy, ed.

Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter. By Peter Singer. Princeton University Press; 355 pages; $27.95 and £19.95.

In 1972, the young philosopher Peter Singer published Famine, Affluence and Morality, which rapidly became one of the most widely discussed essays in

Unsanctifying Human Life: Essays on Ethics by Peter Singer (Book--2002) "Unsanctifying Human Life offers a collection of Singer's …

'Famine, Affluence, and Morality', by Peter Singer. J. O. Urmson, "Saints and Heroes," in Essays in Moral Philosophy, ed. Abraham I. Melden (Seattle:

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Just as Peter Singer predicted in "Dearest Pet," the primarymainstream objection to bestiality, and to his essay, if the The NewRepublic and National Review Online are representative, is that sexbetween humans and nonhumans, regardless of the circumstances inwhich it occurs including rape, is "an offence to our status anddignity as human beings (5)." For Kathryn Lopez of National ReviewOnline the red flag is any suggestion that "humans ain't nothingspecial" ("Peter Singer Strikes Again," March 8). She seemed morethreatened by the prospect of shared speciality and by Singer's useof four-letter words than by what he had to say about what hens areput through by the egg industry-the institutionalized assault theyendure so nonvegetarians can eat their eggs--and about the sexualassaults some hens have been forced to undergo from an animal whosehands are as big as a hen's entire body. Likewise Peter Berkowitz ofthe The New Republic (March 8) complained that for Singer, itappeared that "the only consideration we need bear in mind in usinganimals to satisfy our sexual desire is whether we are causingcruelty," as if to say that cruelty (or at least cruelty to animals,like animals themselves in his view) amounts to little more than apesky footnote in the ethical account of humanity. Berkowitz seemedfar more aggrieved by the idea that other creatures have a dignitythat links us to them than by the cruelty we impose on them without ashred of compassion or restraint, which is exactly how hens aretreated by the egg industry in the case that Singer cited to show howdeeply woven into the fabric of human life human obscenity really is.