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Teen smoking has always been a factor in America, especially during High School. That is when teens are most likely to pick up the habit (Teen Smokers PG 13). We are constantly around people that smoke and usually offered cigarettes when they do smoke. If smoking is so bad for you then why do so many teens smoke? Because they don't know how bad it is for them. In this essay there will be facts presented that may help change ones mind about lighting up their next cigarette, teen or adult.

I’m holding the contest in partnership with and with . Send in essays of up to 500 words by the end of April. Teen Ink, which has lots of experience publishing teen writing in print and online, will select finalists for me, and then I’ll choose the winners. There’s no real prize, except immortal glory: I’ll publish excerpts from the best essays in my column or blog. Some winners will also be published on the Learning Network site and in Teen Ink. To apply, go to

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This is the first in a series featuring the finalists in our inaugural Teen Essay Contest. Veronika Kruger’s essay, “Let It Be,” won 1st Place in the Family and Friends category.

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This is the fourth in a series featuring the finalists in our Inaugural Teen Essay Contest. Amanda Jackson’s essay won 2nd place in the Personal category.

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So, teenagers, help us understand the problem by sharing your experiences and insights. We have a major national problem with bullying, and we need your help to understand it and figure out how to make headway against it. That’s where I’m hoping your essays can help.

A Tennessee teen is encouraging others to break the mold after reportedly earning a spot at Yale University with an unusual essay about ordering pizza.

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The author's comments: Wrote this for 7th Grade English, and got a C+ on it. :/ we had to make the essay 6+ pages. With everything from Survivor to American Idol, reality TV shows have been capturing the attention of not only the United States, but the rest of the world, as well. Some of them aren’t negative influences, but many are. There may possibly be some educational values in a few. Want to learn how to stab a best friend in the back? Watch Big Brother. How about how to raise a child in high school? Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant

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Write an essay between 500-1,000 words that explores the concepts above, specifically, how you are preparing for a successful future right now as a teen. You must incorporate at least one of the following themes in your writing: 1) sexual health, 2) sexual responsibility, 3) teen pregnancy prevention. See Contest Requirements below for more details and requirements for your essay submission.

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American teenagers essay is a vast subject which can be focused on various elements that affect the teens, their issues and various areas in which teenagers have gained recognition.

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There are also numerous issues which surround the teenagers in America and while attempting this type of an essay one requires being careful not to raise a controversially debatable issue.

Alabama Living; Pizza-loving teen whose Papa John's essay got her accepted to Yale chooses Auburn

The most essential element of any essay is the topic, therefore, one needs to deliberate on choosing an appropriate topic for the American teenage essay, which could pertain to: