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Sometimes we get so caught up in other people's lives, we believe we are just like them. No matter how many times we are told we are not the same, we just cannot accept the fact we are different. We often act this way because we want to fit in, rather than standing out from the crowd. In the short story, The Stolen Party, the author demonstrates the interactions and prejudices between the rich and the middle-working class. Initially, when someone's trying to look out for you and protect you from getting hurt, one hear things he/she may not want to hear. People tend to react in a defensive manner and ignore the things they do not want to acknowledge. In Rosaura's case, this was the mother's job. As a mother, you want to protect your daughter and that is exactly what Rosaura's mother tried to do. She went with her utmost instinct and told her daughter why she disapproved her from attending the party, even though she was being bluntly honest.

In the Stolen Party the author, Liliana Heker, magnificently illustrates the theme of innocence and purity. More specifically innocence and purity of childhood is shown to be the invisible barriers of social classes in the society. Although the characters are similar, they are still separated by one gap and that is social classes. These themes are shown through diction and tone, mood, and symbolism. One way this theme of social barriers is emphasized is with the literary device of tone and diction. Liliana Heker describes how Rosaura felt through tone and diction: "Rosaura felt her arms stiffen stick close to her body and then she noticed her mother's hand on her shoulder." Rosaura thought she was going to get a gift bag, but instead she got money. Based on the quote the audience can see that she felt sad and disappointed. By the tone and diction of the author the audience gets a feeling that she felt disappointed and uncomfortable. From the key words" her arms stiffen stick close to her body." I infer that she feels like crying but she is holding it back. Another way the theme is emphasized is with the literary device of mood. The quote that demonstrates this literary device is when Ms. Inez says, "Thank you my little countess." Here Rosaura gets praised. Even though she got praised, it doesn't matter because later on the author uses the reader's emotion to make the reader feel angry with the words she used. The author also made Rosaura seem that she was beneath the other children. One more way the theme is emphasized is with the literary device of symbolism. When Rosaura arrives, Senora Inez says, "He's in the kitchen. But don’t

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The first evidence we see which supports the claim that this is a story of class structure comes when Rosaura’s mother says to her, "I don’t like you going, it’s a rich people’s party" (Heker 1133). This lets the reader know that the mother is aware of the ways of the world. She knows that she and Rosaura are the help in the eyes of Senora Ines, so naturally the mother knows that there is a good chance Rosaura will be treated as such. Unfortunately, the mother was right. At the sane time the reader is also shown that Rosaura has not learned about discrimination in our society. This is proven when Rosaura says, "Rich people go to heaven too" (Heker 1133). It is too bad that this innocent child, or for that matter any child, must learn the painful truth of upper class/lower class relations at such a young age. In actuality, no one should ever learn this lesson, it is a flaw in our culture that we put people into classes at all.

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Next, the fact that Rosaura thinks she will be just another guest at Luciana’s party proves again that she is unaware of class structure. Rosaura’s mother tells her that Luciana is not her friend, and that in her eyes Rosaura is just the maid’s daughter. At first this may seem harsh, but as Kevin Elliott says in his essay "The Stolen Future," the mother kn...

...ura because at this time she realizes she had been the help at the party. Unfortunately, Rosaura was not prepared for what she was taught that day. By the time we reach the end of the story it is evident that the child, Rosaura, has learned a painful lesson in class structure which she will take with her throughout the rest of her life.

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In the story “Stolen Party” the monkey represents the unattainable upper class. Rosaura’s mother tells her that if she believes in the monkey, she’ll believe anything. Symbolically, her mother is telling her that it isn’t really possible to go up in class, or be equal with the upper class.

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Stolen Party essays In The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker, she implies that Rosaura had the party stolen from her. The Stolen Party Rosaura Character Analysis A child is a symbol of pure innocence, which is untouched by the sorrow and the pain that society can bring to. The Stolen Party Rosaura Character Analysis A child is a symbol of pure innocence, which is untouched by the sorrow and the pain that society can bring to. The Stolen Party Essay Examples. 1,175 total results An Overview of the Characters in the Short Story The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker. 1,052 words. 2 pages.